Stowaway Self Storage

Rules and Regulations

Vacating You must give a written notice at least ten (10) days prior to your following months due date. All items in unit and lock MUST be removed no later than one (1) day prior to rental due date in order to avoid further charges. Space is to be left empty and clean! A $75.00 cleaning fee will be assessed if items are left or space is dirty.
Lock Cutting Under NO circumstance shall bolt cutters be allowed on the premises at any time. Manager must approve all lock cuts. There will be a $20.00 - $30.00 charge for all lock cuts requested by the tenant.
Identification Management reserves the right to ask for ID at any time.
Change of Address Change of Address must be signed and dated. No other forms of address change will be accepted.
Animals Animals are prohibited on the premises.
Payments NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS will be accepted.
  1. Please observe speed limits while on property – 10 miles per hour.
  2. All unpaid balances by customer will be forwarded to collections.
  3. NO work is to be performed on the premises; this includes both inside and outside your rental unit.
  4. Storage of hazardous, flammable, explosive and perishable products is strictly prohibited.
  5. Tailgating is strictly prohibited. Each vehicle must enter a gate code. Violation may result in damage to your vehicle or the gate itself. Customer will assume the risk and financial responsibility of said damage.
  6. Under NO circumstance shall children be left unattended on the premises.
  7. Owner or Owner’s Agent reserves the right to bid on storage spaces that are being auctioned for the payment of delinquent rents and fees.
  8. There will be NO refunds of unused rents.
  9. Only one (1) customer lock is to be used per rental unit.
  10. The Owner reserves the right to over lock the unit on the fifth calendar day following the rental due date.
Rental Agreement No employee of the facility has the authority to change or alter any terms of your rental agreement, including the Rules and Regulations, without the express written permission of the owner or the owner’s management agent. Owner or its management agent will not honor any promises or agreements made without such written approval.
Customer has read and agrees to the Rules and Regulations described above: _______________________________ _______________ ____________